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Rock Hall Spa & Wellness services

Spa and Wellness Services are contracted through licensed third party providers

ROCK HALL LUXE LODGING is a place of natural beauty where professional spa therapists are dedicated to providing our guests with rejuvenating and soothing spa treatments. Whether you choose to transform your Master guest Room into your private spa sanctuary or you have your service performed within our dedicated spa area we guarantee you will experience a new level of well being.

Select from an array of therapies and services available from our Rock Hall Spa Menu. Choose one or a combination of our massages, soaks, private yoga, Pilates, exercise or tennis lessons. Please let us know if you have any special needs. 

Rock Hall Signature Massage

Our Rock Hall Signature Massage focuses on relaxation, stress reduction and increasing circulation while promoting health and well-being. Your body will feel rested and your mind at ease for a total pampering experience.
60 minutes $115 / 90 minutes $170
Couples Massage
Transform your Guest Room into an intimate spa experience for two, and receive a soothing and deeply relaxing massage with someone you love. A Couples Massage is a great way to connect and celebrate special occasions. 
60 minutes $240 / 90 minutes $350
Deep Tissue Massage 
Deep Tissue Massage integrates a variety of more penetrating techniques to go deeper into the muscle and connective tissue and release chronic tension which might have developed from injury or overuse. It is one of the most therapeutic and healing massages. 
60 minutes $125 / 90 minutes / $180
Hot Stone Massage 
Hot Stone Massage is designed for deep tissue release and alignment of body, mind and spirit. This therapy goes deeper into relaxation than traditional massage techniques. The warm healing stones work in harmony with various massage techniques to relieve pain, promote harmony, balance and peace.
60 minutes $130 / 90 minutes $185
Sports Massage
Perfect for active and athletic individuals who seek a muscle intensive massage, Sports Massage concentrates on specific areas of the body to help relieve discomfort or pain from over activity. This technique is great for areas of the body that needs special attention and relief.
60 minutes $125 / 90 minutes $180
Thai Massage
Blending the wisdom of the East with the Western scientific approach, Thai Massage restores balance and harmony within the physical body, energy field, mind, emotions and spirit. Thai Massage includes hands-on techniques, yoga postures, meditation and deep relaxation. 
60 minutes $130 / 90 minutes/$185
Shiatsu Fusion 
This signature treatment is a soothing and uplifting blend of Acupressure, Swedish and Deep Tissue massage. Shiatsu Fusion balances the body's energy channels or meridians and offers deep healing and relaxation. 
60 minutes $130 / 90 minutes $185 
Prenatal Massage
 Prenatal massage shares many of the goals of regular massage — to relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility, and just make you feel good. But it's also tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies.  Our therapists are trained in prenatal massage and will adjust their technique according to your stage of pregnancy. (Prenatal massage is not recommended during the first trimester of pregancy.)
60 minutes $130 / 90 minutes $185
This ancient treatment stimulates the reflex points of the feet, activating blood flow and circulation to body systems, organs and glands. Reflexology offers relaxation, rejuvenation and balance. 
60 minutes $115 / 90 minutes $165 
Cranio Sacral Therapy 
This gentle and deeply relaxing form of therapy is designed to affect and enhance the functioning of the Cranio Sacral System. This theraputic massage helps to release membrane restrictions, and return the body to optimal functioning and harmony.
60 minutes $115 / 90 minutes $165
Reiki is a healing system using a gentle touch on or just above a fully clothed body. Reiki channels the free flowing "life force energy" into a soothing and restoring treatment.
60 minutes $115 / 90 minutes $165
Wellness Services


Wonderful on their own and a great addition to any Spa treatment, our Soaks are infused with natural mineral & sea salts and healing herbs. Choose from: Nourishing Soak, Rejuvenating & Invigorating Soak or Moisturizing & Hydrating Soak. All Rock Hall soaks are infused with natural sea salts, organic aromatic herbs and essential oils.
Yoga for 1 to 2 people*
This body-mind practice enhances flexibility, strength, balance and overall well-being. Each private Yoga class is designed for your level of experience, and beginners and first timers are encouraged to participate and experience yoga's many benefits. 
60 minutes $115 / 90 minutes $165
Mat Pilates for 1 to 2 people*
Pilates is a dynamic exercise program that focuses on core strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. In this private Mat Pilates class, all levels of experience are welcome. 
60 minutes $115 / 90 minutes $165
Personal Training for 1 to 2 people*
Stay in shape with a one-on-one Personal Training session at Rock Hall which includes aerobics, core strength, resistance, flexibility and cross training. Each session is tailored to meet your individual training goals. 
60 minutes $115 / 90 minutes $165
Tennis Lessons for 1 to 2 people*
Private tennis lessons with a Tennis Pro are available seasonally. 
60 minutes $115 / 90 minutes $165
Herb Walks for up to 4 people
This is a great way to get outside and experience Rock Hall’s beautiful, natural, surroundings where our extensive grounds include gardens, walking trails and meadows. Join an experienced Herbalist and learn about the local medicinal herbs & flowers and edible plants just beyond your Master Guest Room. Afterward, enjoy teas from locally harvested herbs. 
60 minutes $115 / 90 minutes $165
Water Aerobics for 1 to 2 people*
Water Aerobics is a fun, low-impact aerobic workout.  Rock Hall's 75' outdoor pool provides the perfect setting for this energizing outdoor exercise session where all levels are welcome.
60 minutes $115 / 90 minutes $165

Spa Add-Ons
Hand & Foot Massage*
Give your hands and feet extra care and pampering, and luxuriate with Rock Hall's half-hour Hand & Foot Massage.
(Available as an add-on only to any 1 hr. Spa Treatment.)
.5 hrs. / $60
Face & Neck Massage*
Soothe and release tension in the face, neck, ears, jaw and scalp with our half-hour Face & Neck Massage, and give these areas extra attention and care.
(Available as an add-on only to any 1 hr. Spa Treatment.) 
.5 hrs. / $60

Spa Reservations & Policies

We recommend booking Spa treatments in advance of your stay so we can ensure providing you with your requested services. Spa services and workout room are available for Rock Hall guests only. 
For Spa Reservations, please contact the Spa Manager at
Spa Hours
The Spa at Rock Hall is open from 8 am – 9 pm. Our workout room is open from 10 am - 8 pm. 
Cancellation Policy
We respectfully require that you give the Spa a minimum of 24 hours for any cancellations. The full service(s) cost will be charged for any late cancellation or no-show. 
* Up to 2 additional persons may take this class at the rate of $60 per person for 60 minutes and $90 per person for 90 minutes.


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